COVID-19 Virus Model

OHT researchers and collaborators discuss COVID-19 transmission dynamics in the Indian state of Karnataka.

Out in PLOS ONE, One Health Trust researchers and collaborators analyzed contact tracing data in the Karnataka region of India between March 9 and July 21, 2020. Transmission metrics, including the reproduction number, overdispersion, secondary attack rate (SAR), and serial interval, were estimated. The determinants of risk for further transmission and symptomatic disease were identified using Poisson regression models. 111 index cases were found to cross the super-spreading threshold of ≥8 secondary cases. Of 956 confirmed traced cases, 8.7% of index cases had 14.4% of contacts but caused 80% of all secondary cases. Symptomatic cases were 8.16 times more likely than asymptomatic cases to cause symptomatic infection in associated secondary cases.

Find the article from PLOS ONE, here.