Samantha Serrano

Associate Director of Science Communications

Dr. Samantha Serrano is OHT’s Associate Director of Science Communications based in São Paulo, Brazil.

At the One Health Trust, Dr. Serrano directs various communications projects to reach diverse stakeholders. She runs the institutional social media; manages publications and writes content for OHT’s website and blog; creates infographics; writes the Weekly Digest; and produces and edits OHT’s weekly podcast, One World, One Health. She helps coordinate OHT projects based in Brazil and acts as a qualitative researcher for projects on the social determinants of health as well.

Dr. Serrano also writes country-of-origin expert witness testimony reports for asylum cases in North America and Europe related to healthcare access and gender- and disability-based violence in Guatemala and Brazil. Prior to working at OHT, she taught classes at the Federal University of São Paulo Medical School and other universities on qualitative research methods and social determinants of health. She has worked as a consultant on policy related to migration and COVID-19 response in Latin America and as a multilingual health educator.

Dr. Serrano received her ScD from the Federal University of São Paulo Medical School (UNIFESP-EPM) in Collective Health, where she conducted ethnographic research on the healthcare and care work experiences of Bolivian immigrant women in São Paulo. She earned her master’s degree in Latin American Studies from the University of Texas at Austin where she conducted research on the living conditions and human rights of people with intellectual disabilities and mental illnesses in Guatemala. She received dual undergraduate degrees in Latin American Studies and Spanish with a minor in Journalism from California State University of Fullerton.


Contact Samantha: [email protected]