OxygenForIndia Report Cover

The OxygenForIndia initiative was launched at the height of the unprecedented oxygen crisis in April 2021. Led by the One Health Trust’s (OHT) Founder and President, Dr. Ramanan Laxminarayan, OxygenForIndia is a collective effort of philanthropic organizations, corporations, medical and public health professionals, volunteers, and concerned citizens around the world. Many partners and nearly 14,000 small and large donors ranging from students raising money from their friends to Logitech, UiPath, Vista Equity Partners, Facebook, Give Foundation, and more came together to help support OxygenForIndia’s work. The initiative persists with a long-term vision to ensure that no one in India dies due to a lack of medical oxygen.

Under the OxygenForIndia initiative, we are now working with partners to establish a stable, reliable oxygen supply system for India, long term. OHT researchers and collaborators are working with the governments of Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka on state-wide pilots for what will eventually become a National Medical Oxygen Grid (NMOG). The Grid is a state-of-the-art IT platform for monitoring, tracking, and supporting data-based decision-making, to ensure the supply of high-quality medical oxygen to all parts of the country and help deal with any fluctuations in demand.

The contributions of our supporters helped those who suffered without oxygen during the COVID-19 pandemic and endure by bolstering our fight to prevent future medical oxygen access crises. We are grateful to all those who have backed OxygenForIndia and we are proud to share this report that shows the impact of their support.


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