The One Health Trust’s Dr. Arindam Nandi co-authored an article published in Science Translational Medicine that outlines a strategy for harnessing the full potential of vaccines to promote healthy aging in the context of the world’s rapidly aging population. The strategy has three key elements: 1) actions that build on existing knowledge and technologies; 2) actions that increase research and development of new vaccines; and 3) actions to improve uptake of existing and new vaccines.

The aging of the world’s population has important implications for individual health but also threatens economic gains and population-level disease burdens. By 2050, more than three-fourths of individuals aged 65 and older will reside in low- and middle-income countries (increased from the current proportion of 69 percent), so using existing tools and technologies to protect human health in lower-resource settings is critical. Older adult vaccination programs must be re-imagined to increase vaccine efficacy, uptake, and monitoring to achieve equitable access to healthy aging worldwide.

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