One Health Trust researchers Deepshikha Batheja and Abhik Banerji co-authored a survey-based study conducted in September 2021 that aimed to assess the values and attitudes of two populations in Peru, one in the city of Lima and one in the rural community of Valle del Mantaro, towards SARS-CoV-2 self-testing.

They found that 86.96 percent of respondents agreed with the idea of self-testing and nearly 78.95 percent said they would use self-tests once available. Nearly 95 percent of respondents also expressed willingness to pay for a self-test if it was not provided for free by health authorities. Only 76.07 percent of female respondents and 83.96 percent of male respondents in Valle del Mantaro expressed that they would notify close contacts following a positive self-test, compared to 91.76 percent of female and 91.27 percent of male respondents in Lima who expressed the same sentiment.

Read the full article in BMJ Open here.