COVID-19 Self-testing kit

Out in the International Journal of Public Health (IJPH), One Health Trust researchers and collaborators conducted a household-based survey of 419 participants in two Kenyan counties, rural Taita-Taveta and urban Mombasa, to determine the communities’ attitude towards COVID-19 self-testing kits. Forty percent of all participants were likely to use self-tests if available, and 41.5% were very likely to do so. Approximately two-thirds were willing to pay if they could afford them. Almost all participants (93.08%) would report a positive self-test, and 95.23% would self-isolate following a positive result. Given the overall acceptance of self-tests among rural and urban Kenyan communities, this service should be developed and expanded to provide an accessible testing option to the population.

Find the article from the International Journal of Public Health (IJPH), here.