COVID-19 self-test

One Health Trust researchers collaborated to assess willingness to use COVID-19 self-tests in Nigeria, a country that has experienced difficulties curbing the spread of the novel coronavirus. After surveying households in five regions, the study showed that out of 2,126 respondents, only 14 were aware of COVID-19 self-testing. However, more than 81 percent agreed with the concept of self-testing for COVID-19 and would likely or very likely use these tests if made available. Furthermore, approximately two-thirds of respondents were willing to pay for self-tests. The lack of awareness of COVID-19 self-testing underscores the necessity for sensibilization on tools that help control future COVID-19 surges.

Find the article, “People’s willingness to use COVID-19 self-testing in Nigeria: a cross-sectional survey” in BMJ Open here.