Seshadri Dutta

Research Analyst

Seshadri Dutta is a research analyst based in Bangalore, India.

At the One Health Trust, Ms. Dutta serves as a researcher on the Mapping Antimicrobial Resistance and Antimicrobial Use Partnership (MAAP) project funded by the Fleming Fund that seeks to establish a system for the collection, storage, and analysis of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and antimicrobial use (AMU) data across 14 African countries. She also serves as a co-investigator in an interdisciplinary One Health Project – IndiaZooSystems, a project that aims to bolster India’s initiatives to reduce the impact of zoonotic diseases on health, welfare, and livelihoods by enhancing the current mitigation framework using current surveillance data to guide policy and identify socio-ecological drivers that may affect disease transmission and impact.

Before joining the One Health Trust, she worked as a scientific content writer in Bioxone Biosciences.

Ms. Dutta received a Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology from NIIT University, India. For her university primary project, she has worked on In-silico Drug Designing for SARS-CoV2 using molecular docking and simulation techniques. Her research interests include disease epidemiology and surveillance, healthcare policy, and antimicrobial resistance and use.


Contact Seshadri: [email protected]