Rajesh Singh

Associate Director of Technology

Rajesh Singh is the Associate Director of Technology based in New Delhi, India.

At the One Health Trust, Mr. Singh focuses on information technology and systems, resource line-listing and monitoring, and other system-based work.

Before joining OHT, Mr. Singh worked as a technology expert and senior consultant at the National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology and at the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in the Indian government. He was associated with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for five years as a technical officer and IT consultant. He has contributed his knowledge and experiences to various organizations and agencies in India and abroad, including the Clinton Foundation and USAID.

Mr. Singh received a Master’s degree in Computer Application from the Jorhat Engineering College at Dibrugarh University.

His research interests include information systems, data mining and warehousing, web technologies, and technology risk and security.

Contact Rajesh: [email protected]