Azra Hasan

Head of Academic Programs

Azra Hasan is the Head of Academic Programs at the One Health Trust.

At OHT, Dr. Hasan provides strategic direction for academic programs to accomplish our vision of providing educational interventions and advanced training in various global public health sciences.

Before joining OHT, Dr. Hasan worked as a clinical microbiologist in government and private hospitals in India and in the NHS, United Kingdom. She worked primarily in university teaching hospitals and held teaching positions for over 20 years, in which she guided several research projects for medical and nursing students. She also served as an editor at Elsevier Publications in Microbiology. Her work on infectious disease diagnostics, AMR, and antimicrobial treatments has been published widely in national and international peer-reviewed journals. Prior to joining OHT, she also served as a head of laboratory operations, the chair of an antimicrobial stewardship team, a government nodal officer for COVID-19, and an infection control officer (ICO).

Dr. Hasan received an undergraduate medical degree and specialized in Medical Microbiology in her post-graduate education. She was trained at Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi and held research posts with All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi and CSIR, India.


Contact Azra: [email protected]