The One Health Trust (OHT) will host a short course on Antimicrobial Stewardship for hospitals in partnership with the British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (BSAC) in Bangalore, India, from November 7-9, 2023.

This course introduces the key and advanced components of setting up an Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS) Program in hospitals – including the goals and core elements of AMS, how to build an effective team for your setting, and how to appropriately evaluate the success of the program. Participants will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to make a significant contribution to reducing misuse and promoting the correct use of antimicrobials.

This event will give participants an invaluable opportunity to engage with local (India) and international (US, UK) faculty who bring unparalleled expertise and experience in the field of antimicrobial resistance and stewardship.

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AMS page- course schedule, faculty information, and learning resources.

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Q) What are the course fees?
A) Total payable fees:
  • With Accommodation: INR 35,400/- (INR 30,000 + 18% GST)
  • Without Accommodation: INR 23,600/- (INR 20,000 + 18% GST)

B) Fee breakup:

  • INR 10,000 academic fee:
    • INR 5,000: In-person classes
    • INR 5,000: Certification from OHT and BSAC and access to online resources
  • INR 10,000: Breakfast, lunch, two tea breaks with snacks during course
  • INR 10,000: Hotel stay for 3 nights, 3 days (check in on November 6 evening; check out is on November 9, 2023)

Q) Can the participant (local or otherwise) only opt to pay for the course and food plan?

A) If the participant does not wish to stay at The Chancery Pavilion Hotel, the fee will be reduced to INR 20,000. However, it is advisable to stay onsite as the program on all three days begins at 8:30 AM and late entry will be discouraged.

Q) What are the accommodation arrangements for the participants?
A) We have arranged single occupancy (non-sharing) rooms for all our participants. However, it’s worth noting that these rooms are spacious enough with queen-sized beds to comfortably accommodate two individuals.
If you are interested in converting to a double occupancy room, it can be done at an additional cost.
We can connect you to our trip advisor, who can assist you on this.

For further queries, please email us at [email protected].