Suprena Poleon

Senior Research Analyst

Suprena Poleon is a Senior Research Analyst based in Fort Worth, Texas.

Ms. Poleon’s current research at the One Health Trust focuses on the effects of COVID-19 on antibiotic prescriptions. She is also involved in epidemiology and mathematical modeling of community-hospital transmission of antimicrobial resistance. One of her projects at the One Health Trust entails creating a synthetic population of Baltimore City. She has also contributed to developing OHT’s AMR database ResistanceMap, which reports on antimicrobial use and resistance worldwide.

Prior to joining the One Health Trust, Ms. Poleon worked as a research scientist and created medical devices for a research and development company concerned with diabetic wounds and burns.

Ms. Poleon received a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at Midwestern State University and a Master of Science degree in Epidemiology at the University of North Texas-Health Science Center.

Her research interests include disparities in women’s reproductive and maternal health, disease disparities within underrepresented communities, utilizing research to influence policy and programs for underrepresented populations, and social determinants of health.


Contact Suprena: [email protected]