Kashish Chhotaria

Research Analyst

Kashish Chhotaria is a Research Analyst based in Bangalore, India.

At the One Health Trust, Ms. Chhotaria serves as an investigator on The State of World’s Antibiotics Project. She is also involved in creating country-level dashboards which capture progress on indicators that track antimicrobial resistance and show what remains to be done to decrease the need for antibiotics and their inappropriate use. She is also a part of the Global Antibiotic Resistance Partnership (GARP) team, highlighting the value of vaccines in mitigating antimicrobial resistance. Ms. Chhotaria also contributes toward implementing the National Oxygen Grid in India, an initiative to prevent unnecessary deaths due to a lack of medical oxygen. In addition, she also contributes to the IndiaZooSystems project, which aims to reduce the zoonotic disease burden in India.

Before joining OHT, she worked as a summer trainee under the Patanjali Research Institute Apprenticeship program, where she collected and analyzed data on different plant genera. Previously she also worked as a project intern with Tata Chemicals Society for Rural Development (TCSRD).

Ms. Chhotaria received a Bachelor’s in Technology from NIIT University, Neemrana. For her college capstone project, she researched Insilco Drug Design for SARS-CoV2 using Molecular Docking and Simulation Techniques. Her research interests include disease epidemiology and surveillance, health policy, One Health, and antimicrobial resistance and use.


Contact Kashish: [email protected]