Fardad Haghpanah

Postdoctoral Fellow

Fardad Haghpanah is a Postdoctoral Fellow based in Washington, D.C., USA.

At the One Health Trust, Dr. Haghpanah uses an interdisciplinary research background in systems science, resilience, and public health to integrate the principles of complex systems to solve healthcare-related challenges. As a part of the CDC MInD-Healthcare program, his current research is focused on modeling the transmission of healthcare-associated infections in hospitals and communities. The objectives of his research are to provide a better understanding of transmission and effects of contact patterns, in order to support policymakers with tools to evaluate the impact of interventions. Dr. Haghpanah has also been involved in COVID-19 research efforts at the One Health Trust which provide projections for future trends of the pandemic and support decision-making by providing analyses of the potential impacts of vaccination and variants.

Previously, Dr. Haghpanah taught courses in computer programming and disaster risk mitigation as a lecturer at Johns Hopkins University. He also worked on an NSF-funded grant on studying the resilience of hospitals as a graduate research assistant at the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Haghpanah obtained a PhD in Systems Engineering from Johns Hopkins University and a Master’s degree in Disaster Risk Mitigation from Politecnico di Milano.

His research interests include community resilience, complex systems, modeling disease dynamics, and antimicrobial resistance.


Contact Fardad: [email protected]